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Candles inspired by Australia's coastal beauty, bush landscapes & native flora

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Our Candles

Our vision for LUA was to create candles that combine nostalgia, the beauty of Australia, and the indulgence of luxury soy candles.

LUA candles are meticulously made, by hand, in Brisbane from premium soy wax and infused with Australian-made fragrance oils.

From melting the wax, to hand pouring, labelling and packaging, we ensure each candle receives care and attention, delivering the high-quality product our customers have come to expect.

Our fragrances are inspired by Australia's coastal beauty, bush landscapes and native flora, and are thoughtfully designed to provide an escape to cherished memories while effortlessly complementing Australian interiors.

Each LUA scented journey belongs to you; an escape from everyday life where you can transport to your favourite memories, scentscapes, and dive into something beautiful each time you light your candle.

Where does your LUA take you?

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Awarded Highly Recommended SHE-com Best Home Candle 2023

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